We live in a digital age, and your website is the most powerful tool you have to showcase your business, products or services.

We can design and build a bespoke website that will attract new customers and help build your presence in the ever-growing online marketplace. In these modern times, a website replaces the need for a high street shop front. All of our websites are built to the highest specification and, importantly, are mobile friendly so that your customers can view it on a mobile tablet or phone as easily as if they are sitting at a desktop.

Web Design

We realise that different businesses require different degrees of website complexity, ranging from entry-level brochure websites through to customised and bespoke websites with specific functionality. Whatever your requirements, we can help!

Our websites are;

  • Professionally developed to your individual specifications by our creative team.
  • Responsive - They can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Easy to maintain web design services and develop - adding or updating content is simple.
  • Creative and engaging - we can even add video graphics and animations.
  • Developed to ensure maximum search engine visibility.
  • Focused entirely on your business needs.

Here at MultiChannel Creative, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients. We listen to your needs and work to understand your business objectives, and your digital strategy, then work with you for website design and development to grow an online presence.  

The process is very much a partnership and you will have a dedicated project manager from the outset who is responsive to your needs and who will work with you to achieve your digital objectives.

For a jargon-free chat, please call us on 0121 667 8316 or complete the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.


Web Development

Web Development Services

Where we provide designing services, there we also focus on web development. We organize web design and development with many facilities for your website as your needs and requirements. we come up with all these services on the very less amount that you can not think. Our developers are very responsive to their work & they will do every single thing you want for your website. You can take advantage of this in web design and development services UK.

Why are we DIFFERENT

You’ll know by now that there are many website design and development agencies out there, so what differentiates us from others?

However they are packaged up, the majority of web design birmingham digital agencies use ‘off-the-shelf’ pre-coded website templates and dress them up with your content to provide you with a fully functioning website. Whilst this is fine for websites of a certain nature, more complex businesses often need customised website platforms to complement their business model and objectives.

This is where MultiChannel Creative excels. Whilst we can provide standard template websites, tailored to your company, we specialise in building bespoke websites that use unique code, providing you with a unique platform, and therefore a unique creation which will help you stand out from your competitors. The fact that many of our websites are written in bespoke code also means that the chance of cyber-attack and other security issues is minimised.

Our web design and development uk team will listen to your needs and design a bespoke website that fits all of your requirements. Our websites range from very simple brochure style websites to multi-functional e-commerce websites - no matter how complex your requirements, we can build a website to fulfill your needs. MultiChannel Creative boasts a large team of experienced developers and creative minds who can design a unique website that is secure, functional and designed to your individual specifications.

And whilst you may be expecting that such individualised website creation would be costly and time-consuming, we promise you that the price you will pay will be competitive and value for money.

Give us a call on 0121 667 8317 and we can show you why and how we will work with you to make your business thrive online.

What if I already have a website?

Already have a website and want to improve it?
Not attracting the customers you were expecting?

Is your website an embarrassment to your business?

Or maybe you ARE attracting customers but they are not being converted into sales?

Here at MultiChannel Creative, we can help!

We offer a free, no-obligation website review to show how your website can be improved. We can even offer advice on why your competitors might be doing better than you!

We can update and improve your existing site and give advice on how to improve the “curb appeal” of your website. We use extensive website content reviews to help you find instant solutions to attract more customers through improved content writing, relevant link building, and social media.

What type of website do you need?

There are many different types of websites.

Brochure Websites - "Simplicity!"

You may want a website just to inform people about your business - much the same as a flyer or a poster would. These sites are very simple and simply contain information - they are ideal if you just require a way to communicate your product to people online, without needing an ordering system, a way to buy products online or any other more complex functionality

CMS Websites - "Websites that can do things!"

Maybe you require more than just a simple website. Here at MultiChannel Creative, we can also create a website that can “do things”. It might be that you need to regularly update information that you are sending out, analyse who is visiting your site or where they are. This type of website comes with a CMS - a content management system which means that the content of your website can easily be updated. MultiChannel Creative websites come with full easy to use content management systems, that make it easy for you to update website content or change details.

Catalogue Websites

You might want your website to generate orders over the phone.  If this is the case, then a catalogue website is for you. This type of website also comes with a CMS - content management system, but it has the added bonus of being able to process orders.

Much like a conventional catalogue that might sit on your coffee table at home, these websites are usually rich in pictures and information meaning you can showcase your products to potential customers and they can place orders. However, they will not be able to buy anything from this type of website. For that to happen, you will need an e-commerce website.

E-commerce Websites

These websites act very much like a shop. You can place orders and buy products directly through the website without the need to talk to anyone - a fully automated service that can be very cost effective, selling products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! MultiChannel Creative can design a bespoke world-class e-commerce site tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Our e-commerce sites are scalable, meaning that they have the capacity to grow at the same rate as you do. They come with a bespoke CMS system that will ensure you can deliver customer satisfaction efficiently and cost-effectively.

At a glance, e-commerce systems can provide;

  • Shopping cart facility so that customers can buy products through the site.
  • The ability to add new products and showcase existing lines.
  • The ability to display unlimited photographs and images of your product range - including video and animations as well.
  • Designed to maximize search engines ranking such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.
  • Full stock management allowing stock taking, stock rotation, and ordering to be efficient and manageable.
  • Full invoice support - allowing you to easily print invoices and keep a track of old orders.
  • Data export functionality that means you can easily export data to your account packages and easily keep track of finances.
  • Detailed monthly reports that show the functionality of your website. MultiChannel Creative offer a unique report that allows you to track who is visiting your website, how they found you and most importantly whether or not they bought from your site.

You may require additional functions as well, all of which the team at MultiChannel Creative can design and build for you based on your specific requirements.  

 The advantages of bespoke websites

Here at MultiChannel Creative, we can offer a range of website types to suit your business needs and your budget. Whilst we can offer you a template website, we would recommend that you consider the long-term effectiveness of your website. This is where a bespoke website is truly advantageous. Here at MultiChannel Creative, we have a range of website developers and creative developer who can design a bespoke website to match your needs and your future aspirations.

Compare buying a website to buying a suit.  A template website is very much like a shop bought suit - yes you can change the colour or size but it will always be of the same quality and size as every other shop bought suit.

A bespoke website is much like a bespoke, handmade suit in that one is made to fit your shape and size from the start. It is tailored to your unique requirements and as such nobody else in the world will have the same as you.

  • Stand out from the crowd! - Your website will be unique - there is no danger that you will have the same template as a competitor.
  • A perfect fit - A bespoke website will perfectly fit your business needs.  Your bespoke website will adapt to your needs rather than constraining you to the capabilities of an off the peg template site.
  • More editable -Bespoke websites are easier to use and more editable - meaning you can easily refresh your website content and change the look or feel of your website at any time.
  • More secure - One of the key advantages of a bespoke website is that it is more secure and less likely to be open to cyber attack.
  • Grows with your changing needs - A bespoke website has the advantage of being able to grow to meet your future needs in line with your growing business.
  • Cost effective - Everyone wants value for money.  A bespoke website that can grow and change with your needs will ultimately be more cost effective and time effective than one that needs to be replaced every two years.
  • More useable - Bespoke websites can easily be integrated into online e-commerce payment gateways and other tools. They can also be used to generate e-newsletters and other marketing initiatives.
  • Less expensive -Since you are easily able to adopt a bespoke website you can invest in the parts that you need as you go along. You can start with a good bespoke foundation and grow your website as your business grows.

Here at MultiChannel Creative, we believe in working with you to provide a website that will suit your needs. We can offer a template website if that is what you feel you need. Template websites tend to be a cheaper option in the short term - however, if you are serious about your website to grow your business then we would urge you to consider a bespoke website that is tailored to your business's individual needs. Call us today to discuss your website needs.

The Importance of a responsive website

A responsive website is a website that can detect on what mobile device it is being viewed on.  According to a recently published consumer study, the average person now owns 3.3 mobile devices.

75% of people own a laptop or desktop computer

51% of people own a tablet

71% of people own a smartphone.

85% of British consumers are online at least once a day. At least half of these visits are made from a mobile device.  

Google is now beginning to use mobile friendliness as a way of ranking websites in search engines. It will begin rewarding those sites that are mobile friendly with higher rankings, so it is more important than ever that your website can be viewed successfully on all mobile platforms.

Google urges all providers of websites to consider the needs of your customers when using a mobile device. Responsive websites adapt seamlessly to mobile use, negating the need for you to maintain two separate platforms.

·         Easy to maintain website design services and develop - adding or updating content is simple.