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At MultiChannel Creative, we have substantial experience, when it comes to integrating websites with Merlin Business Software packages. We can provide a seamless link between the two systems, meaning your website can be fully updated with products and accounts, all while allowing you to access important data in real time.

Using the Merlin web service tools, your website can display the same product data that is held within your Merlin system. This ensures that you can have a single, effective source for all the crucial data relevant to your businesses operations. A range of applications are available. They can be divided into products, sales and account management.



Effective synchronisation means a business can keep a real time inventory on your website. Vital data such as stock levels, and pricing is fed through, insuring all of the data the customer sees is completely up to date.

  • Synchronise data about products from Merlin to the website.
  • Update a websites structure and sitemap through Merlin.
  • Manage website content on your server.
  • Insure that you have real time stock data.
  • nsure that you have real time product prices.
  • Merlin makes it much easier for businesses to cross sell and up sell products.

Group products of your choosing together as a single product.


As well as giving your website the ability to display and sell products to your customers, it can also be used to synchronise your trade account customers from Merlin. This would allow them to take advantage of features like:

  • Accept existing trade customer orders on their accounts.
  • Create product ordering templates.
  • Quick order system using product data.
  • View current orders
  • View orders that are outstanding, by checking invoices.
  • Pay due invoices over the internet.
  • Modify quotes.
  • View historical invoices.

In addition to all of this, a number of specific features can also be written for your business. Our partnership with Merlin insures that you have access to a wealth of experience and knowledge for whatever you need Merlin for.

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