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We know from our extensive experience, is that one of the biggest problems businesses have is creating new content for websites and the ever-increasing number of different social media platforms out there, let alone ensuring that the content is relevant.

After all, you have a business to run, & the last thing you need to worry about is the number of Facebook likes you have, or grammar errors in your website text.

At Multichannel Creative, we can manage all of your content requirements, so you don't have to. MCC works as though we were a part of your organisation. We conduct exhaustive research to intimately learn both about your industry, and the nature of your customers to create content that both represents your business in a way consistent with your values, and appeals to potential customers, giving you an edge your competitors don’t.

Many companies struggle to create enough relevant content to keep up, and in the modern world, for many businesses, content writing is a full-time job in itself.

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Unlike other organisations, we don’t charge per word, or per post, we offer a simple flat rate, and create content based on what will help you improve in rankings, and what will further engage your customer base. Our only priority with content is to make sure it converts into sales, after all your success is our success.

At Multichannel Creative we write every type of content imaginable. The web content we create includes blog posts, testimonials, website content, SEO meta data, image tags, press releases, regular social media posts and whatever else your online presence needs.

We are based in the UK and all our writing is carefully checked for quality. From research to implementation, we handle everything so you don’t have to.

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