You get what you pay for when it comes to SEO

03, Apr 2017

In much the same way that when you are buying a new kitchen or buying a new car, the chances are that when you are deciding to invest money in search engine optimisation, you shop around and see the various options on offer from a variety of companies.

Are you likely to choose the most expensive?  Well, probably not, being as there are cheaper alternatives.  Assuming you are comparing like with like, then the most expensive is exactly that...expensive.

At the same time, however, will you choose the cheapest?  Well, some things come down purely to price, but the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ will inevitably apply to SEO as to almost anything else you spend your money on.  If it’s cheap SEO, then it’s probably not the best.  It might be that this company is using link farms and other black hat tactics to try to get your website to the top of Google in super-quick time, or it might be that they sign you up on a monthly contract and you then find it very difficult to get hold of them after the deal is done.

The chances are, therefore, that you will choose the mid-priced option.  As humans, this gives us the peace of mind that we’re not being ripped off, nor are we going cheap.  No, we’re all looking for affordable and well balanced options, and value for money.

Here at MultiChannel Creative, we listen to customers, established and new, to find out what they want, and invariably as business owners they want one simple thing – for us to do what we say we are doing to do, for a competitive price – not expensive, not cheap, but affordable and reasonable.

The rewards for businesses and agencies for successful SEO are great.  The business receives great quality customers via the internet, ready to spend their money, and the agency enjoys a successful and probably a long-term relationship with the company.  After all, which company is going to change things if what they are doing is working?

You’ll find when you contact MultiChannel Creative is that we take the time to listen to what you want and need.  We’ll advise, suggest and map out the digital road we recommend we take together, and we’ll put forward a proposal.  Will it be cheap?  No.  Will it be expensive?  No.   What it will be, however, is affordable, realistic.....and game-changing for your business, providing an exciting partnership to move forward with confidence.

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