Why even a small business needs a web presence

03, Apr 2017

When the internet first came to fruition some years ago now, it was the big players who were first in the market.  If you cast your mind back, watching adverts on TV, the call to action was either ‘visit us in store’ or ‘call this number’.

How times have changed.  And maybe without you even noticing.

When you watch the ads in a commercial break tonight, take note of the call to action – it will either be a ‘visit our website’, ‘visit our Facebook page’ or, for the more developed companies, ‘download our free app’.  This is a sign of the times, with large organisations understanding and benefiting from engaging with customers online.

However, it doesn’t only have to be the large companies who benefit from an online presence.  OK, so you might not be doing an expensive TV advertising campaign for your goods or services, but you still need to be out there online.


Because you can be your life that your competitors will.

Whatever your industry, whether it be selling shoes, renting scaffolding, car sales or hiring chairs, then you need to get online with a modern looking, stylish website.  Regardless of the size of your company – whether you are a one-man-band sold trader or multi-million pound company, a quality website project your corporate image….just in the same way that a poor quality website will also project a company image….but obviously not in a good way!

And of course, once you have a quality website, then promote it using social media and a search engine optimisation agency to ensure that your website is seen and visited by the millions of people browsing the internet daily.

Working with online digital experts such as MultiChannel Creative in Birmingham, you can benefit from a positive web presence, helping to drive your business forward in the way you want it to go, at an affordable price within your marketing budget. 

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