What makes a good website

This is a question that we get asked all the time, and the response is a relatively easy one which we will look at in a moment.

However, ask a cross-section of people in the industry and in the digital world and you may get differing answers.

Company directors, for instance, might tell you that if the website shows off all their products and services, then it is a good website.

Creative designers will tell you that if the website looks good visually with lots of hi-res images and so on, then it is a good website.

People who use the website will tell you that if it is easy to navigate and find the products, services and information that they are looking for, then it is a good website.

As an SEO agency, however, we look at things in a slightly different way.

We first need to define what is meant by a good website.  Is it one that looks great, or one that is working for you and your company?

The answer is simple.  It really is a mixture of everything combined together that produces good, great and outstanding websites, and this is achieved through companies and agencies working together on a variety of aspects.

If you want your website to work for you, and by this we mean attract online visitors and revenues, then it needs to be search engine friendly.  The Google search engine, for instance, with its dominance in online search, sends google bots to crawl the web, visiting websites in microseconds to analyse how informative and relevant your website is.  The Google algorithm which ranks your site is changed and tweaked hundreds of times over a year, as Google continually strive to provide their users with the best online search experience.

The essentials and basics, however, have remained unchanged for years.  If the site is likely to get ranked highly if it is user-friendly, responsive to the device it is being viewed on, easy to navigate and has lots of images (the internet is an image-led medium after all), for example.  And, most of all, it has regularly updated content such as blogs and news articles along with relevant and informative content.  If you view a website as being a living thing, then every living then needs some regular TLC – your website is no different.  After all, think about it, why do the large corporations have departments dedicated to digital marketing!

By working together with a web design and SEO agency such as MultiChannel Creative in Birmingham, we can work together to enhance your website appearance and online visibility and develop and pursue your online business objectives and goals together, with a view to long-term success with your digital marketing strategy.


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