The importance of Google Places

  • calender25 Oct 2018
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Google Places

The world is an ever-developing place, especially in the world of technology.

No longer do we have just search engines, we have smart search engines that show you the most relevant searches to, yes, what you are looking for but also, based geographically.

Google, for example, will check your location via your IP address and provide you with a list of geographic-based results.  In other words, if you search for “Post offices” and you are in Birmingham, then it will provide you with a list of post offices in Birmingham which, most of the time, will be really useful, at other times not so, but that’s another story.

Many Google search results (SERPS) pages will, therefore, take on this form.  At the top of the page there are 3 sponsored Adwords listings (this is how Google makes most of its money), then there will be a map with some pins in it showing where the local companies who provide the goods or services you are searching for are located, and then there are the organic free listings, providing you with the most authoritative sites based on your search.  In other words, whilst you see them on the same page, there are almost 3 different sections of results on the page, based on different criteria.

So, how do you get seen in these geographical positions?  Well, one of the most obvious ways to do this is by registering your company on Google Places which is free and easy to do.  It will need you to validate your company address, but this won’t be a problem if you have a physical office or premises address.

Of course, many companies look at Google Places and think “wouldn’t it be great if we could show up geographically in all the main cities in the UK”, even though they might not have an office there.  Some companies will look to use PO Box addresses or virtual offices to try to by-pass the Google system, but this is potentially a dangerous game.  The whole purpose of Google Places is to provide Google users with the very best, most accurate, reliable and informative results and is based on the fact that the user should be able to visit the premises to meet the company or to use the service on offer.  Can you do this with a PO Box or virtual office?  No.  The consequences of doing this, therefore, need to be weighed up.

By working with a search engine optimisation digital agency in Birmingham such as MultiChannel Creative, for example, you’ll be able to work together to increase visibility online for your main keywords whether this is by geographic search or SERPS.  The essence, however, of strong visibility remains unchanged – make your website design attractive, user-friendly, responsive and with great informative content and you are half way there……the other half, we can help with.