Organic vs paid positions on search engines

03, Apr 2017

For some people, the idea of getting their website onto the search engines can be a bit baffling.  But this is equally (if not more so) as important as having a great looking website in the first instance.  After all, it’s no good having a great website if no-one can find it.

There are 2 ways of getting your website onto the search engines, and let’s use Google for this example.

There are the paid adverts (Google Adwords) and the organic listings (SERPS). 

The easiest, most convenient and fastest way to get your website listed on Google is by starting a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, using Google Adwords.  Look at any Google page and you will see 2 or 3 adverts at the top of the page and then down the right-hand side, with “Ad” next to each one.  Every time someone clicks on your advert, you are charged.  The cost-per-click depends upon the competitiveness of the keyword and the industry.  Suffice to say that Google makes the vast majority of their money by people using paid Adwords.

The other listings are what are known as ‘organic’ listings, and it doesn’t cost you anything for this, except for the fact that in order to show up in this area, you’ll most likely need to work with a reputable search engine optimisation company such as MultiChannel Creative in Birmingham.  The websites that appear here are the ones that Google deems to be most relevant to the search you have typed in.  Google will, in microseconds, analyse all the available sites on the web and rank your site according to the quality of the site, the content, the links and the level of authority and, indeed, many other factors that they look for as part of their ever-changing algorithm.

Regular internet users will often go to the organic listings, as they know and understand that these results will most likely give them what they are looking for, from well-established sites.

So, if you would like to improve your SEO organic rankings, why not get in contact with MultiChannel Creative today and let’s work to build your business together.

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