Is this the end of the WordPress?

  • calender26 Oct 2018
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WordPress has been the most popular website platform for bloggers, writers, and businesses, to the point where the very name is ubiquitous with the internet and websites. For a long time, WordPress served as the workhorse for anyone wanting to put something out there on the world wide web, but there is a world of difference between someone writing a blog website and a modern business running a sophisticated e-commerce website. Below is MultiChannel Creatives’ take on the demise of the WordPress site and the dawn of the bespoke website platform. 

Security & safety

There are currently tens of millions of websites using WordPress as we speak. Unfortunately, it is the shear popularity of WordPress that is one of its fatal flaws. Once hackers have cracked one WordPress site, they have cracked all WordPress sites. As a result, WordPress sites are uniquely popular amongst hackers as easy targets for financial crime, or just delinquent electronic fun. 

Plugins that unplug themselves

WordPress comes with a huge number of plugins, and every WordPress plugin has a unique function. All of them have their uses but they are almost always insecure and can become week points making your site vulnerable to attack. As well as this, WordPress plugins don’t work well together. Two perfectly functional WordPress plugins on the same site make start to cause each other serious problems.

No help

The other problem with WordPress plugins is knowing who actually created them and getting help when they go wrong. Even when you have web support, they may not be able to fix the plugin itself, if anything goes wrong with your website and your plugins. You may be on your own when it comes to a solution, leaving you to turn to Google in a desperate attempt to fix what could be a serious problem for you and your website. 

Off the shelf (Once size fits all)

WordPress sites are part of what is known as “Off the Shelf” websites. These are simple themes that may have been used one hundred times by businesses you could be in direct coemption with. You just have to take what you are given, whether it has everything you need or not, or whether it has more than you asked for, you take what they are offering. This can often lead to you having a site that is just not appropriate and does your business no favours. 

No SEO horsepower

WordPress has some plugins for SEO and many of the conventional Search Engine Optimisation techniques have an effect, but depending on what results you want to achieve, your bringing a knife to a gun fight. WordPress sites just cannot compete with the shear might of modern platforms, and so your investment will be wasted, WordPress sites are rapidly becoming the Betamax players of the website world. 

Platform Compatibility

The fact is that most WordPress websites just don’t look very good on mobile devices. Anyone looking at a WordPress site on a tablet or mobile phone may not get a great experience, and upgrades can be expensive and ineffective. The fact is that they just haven’t adapted to the change in web user’s habits of using alternatives to laptops and PC’s.