Is it time to amplify your SEO with AMP?

  • calender26 Oct 2018
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AMP was in development as far back as 2015, and in that time, it has gone from a fledgling online marketing concept to a must have for those SEO obsessed organisations looking to dominate a podium finish in Google searches. Way back in the mists of time, AMP as an online marketing technique was implemented specifically on media outlets. In the early days, every AMP online marketing window would have a news article of some kind. Given the power of AMP online marketing, this may seem unusual, but remember, this was all happening around the time of the great mobile phone epoch, when more people started searching on their phone then they did on their desktops (desktops were these things we used in the distant past, ask your grandad), and the main thing these people were searching for was the latest news as part of the 24-hour news cycle. Lots of people would wait to get home to order that jumper, but people wanted to know what politician did what to whom, and they wanted to know now. This was perfect for the fledgling online marketing concept behind AMP. People would search for the latest scandal, and there is it, AMP-ed to the max. Those news sites that wanted to be the first thing people saw would have to be AMP-up up or they would just disappear, so the media AMP online marketing feeding frenzy began, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Beyond the high-speed turnover of the media world, other companies started getting in on the action as more people have turned to their phone for everything in life from shopping to cheating in the pub quiz, and that’s what brings us to today.

Like with any new technology, it’s important to understand what it is, and why it’s beneficial to you.

The best measure is looking at past case studies, particularly I businesses within your sector. Many sites will start to see an uplift within 4 to 6 weeks, and depending on the nature of the service and type of site, this uplift in traffic can be as high as 80 – 90%.

A perfect way of trying the technology on for size is to take a systematic approach. Page by page starts applying AMP then measure the results. Compare these with the pages that have yet to have AMP applied to them, and you have a baseline for comparison. If correctly implemented, you will start to see that the pages that have been AMP-ed will start skyrocketing in the results when compared with the non- AMP pages.

The fact is that AMP is here, it is getting results while complimenting and augmenting SEO efforts. AMP has gone from a curiosity to a necessity, and if you haven’t done so already, the time has come to AMP up your web life.