How can I tell if my SEO is working

  • calender26 Oct 2018
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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (search engine optimisation) can be a baffling and confusing process. It is too easy for your SEO company to confuse you and in some cases even make excuses as it why you are not seeing the results that you expect.


The first thing that you need to establish when embarking on an SEO project is clear and realistic expectations. Any SEO company worth their salt should tell you that SEO takes time. In some cases, the results of your efforts won’t be realised in the search engine rankings for a few months. Avoid any company who tells you that they can guarantee a number one spot in Google - no company can guarantee this simply because the Google algorithm changes on a regular basis and you cannot factor for the SEO efforts of your competitors.

Measurable Targets

It is really important to establish clear and measurable targets for your SEO company. Some companies will limit you to a number of keywords they will optimize for. Here at MultiChannel Creative, we do not limit customers to specific keywords as we feel that this will limit the overall organic effort in the marketplace. However, we always start by looking at the performance of your website and in doing this we look at what words your website is currently being found for. We also look at the competition in the marketplace for this word.

Firstly we will quantify the words you are being found for - this will form the first target - the more words that are relevant to your marketplace you are being found for the better. This can be where a campaign based on a limited number of keywords will really suffer - for example, if you are a window and door company you may want to optimise on;

New windows and doors

Window and door companies

Window companies

Door companies

That might sound great, but if you are only found for these specific keyword searches then you will miss all the keyword searches for;

New window and door company

Window company

Door company

...because these are completely separate keyword searches.  You can quickly see that only optimising on a limited number of keywords will, in fact, limit the number of search terms you are being found for - in fact, the exact opposite of what you want your SEO campaign to achieve!

Setting the targets

MultiChannel Creative will begin by giving you an accurate picture of your website’s current performance. We will then look at the competitor's performance and give you an insight into what traffic they are receiving. This is all measured by the volume of search terms you have. We will also look at the competition around each of the keywords. We will then work in collaboration with you to devise a comprehensive list of all the keywords you will want to be found for. We then set a target for the performance and prioritize the words and search terms that are most important to you.

Ongoing analysis

On a monthly basis, we will examine the performance of the website. We will look at the keyword density of the content on your site as well as looking at the backlinks we have created. We will provide an ongoing picture to show you step by step the improving picture of your website performance. In being so analytical, we are able to show you how the performance of your site is improving. Of course, in order to truly see success, we will also look at how the website traffic is being converted into an increase in your business.


If you are looking for a SEO company that can measure the success of their SEO effort in clear and transparent ways then MultiChannel Creative is the company for you.

Contact us today on 0121 667 8317 and we will give you a free SEO check of your website, and discuss with you how we can help your business grow online.