Growing your business in the digital age

03, Apr 2017
Technology moves at a pace.  Indeed, developments are exploding onto the scene all the time, challenging businesses to embrace the latest trends when it comes to digital marketing in a digital world.
Google recently did a calculation as a bit of fun and worked out that if you added up all the words that had been added to the world wide web over the past 12 months and wrote them down on pieces of A4 (let’s say approx. 300 words to a page), and stacked all these pieces of paper into a pile, then it would stretch from Earth to Pluto…..and back….10 times over.  We record and photograph pretty much everything we do, and in the UK, with the Government’s drive to get a high % of the population on super-fast broadband in the next 5 years, we are continuing to evolve in this digital age.
Websites are no different, and it is important for businesses to recognise that they need to move with the times.
It is too easy to think ‘OK, so I’ve invested in a website, put our products on there and put the pricing on – this is my digital strategy’.  Successful digital marketing is so much more than this.
You need to make your website work for you.  After all, your competitors are most likely already doing this….
The way to do this is with a well-structured website which is constantly being updated your end with photographs, content, videos and so on, and by working with a search engine optimisation agency in Birmingham such as MultiChannel Creative who will be working in the background to promote your website on the world wide web.
There are millions of customers for you out there.  But without being found – and without being found ONLINE – it will become increasingly difficult to grow your business in a modern world.
On which social media platforms shall I set up my company pages

10:04 am 3rd April, 2017, Monday

The answer to this is a relatively simple one – as many as long as you can devote the time to regularly updating and maintaining them.A few years, social media was seen by many as a bit of a ‘fad’.  However, since the monumental rise in popularity of Facebook and Twitter, and others that have come along, few would now argue against the importance of embracing social media as a business.  Indeed, as many of us use social media to keep in contac
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