Creative ways to get your website noticed

  • calender26 Oct 2018
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Noticeable Website

You’ve heard us talk many times before about the fact that there is little point in having a website without people finding or visiting it.

The most obvious ways of driving traffic to your website are by carrying out an online advertising campaign with something like Google Adwords, which will immediately start driving users to your site, although it can be costly.  At the same time, you’re probably working with SEO specialists such as MultiChannel Creative on a search engine optimisation campaign which will drive your site up the SERPs and ultimately result in unique traffic, users, orders, revenue, and profit.

Think a bit more creatively, however, and whilst the above SEO and paid online advertising PPC are vital, there are other ways to get your website noticed and in front of your potential target market, which can be relatively cheap, sometimes free!

Social media activity – Don’t simply use your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels to post links to your blogs, put images, videos, animations, competitions and other exciting information on here.  Why?  Because of the more interesting, engaging and exciting your content, the more chance you have of people liking and sharing your content across the web.  The best social media content goes viral across the world – talking dogs, Kim Kardashian’s anatomy etc – these are all instances of viral marketing.  Yes, this is the holy grail and it’s difficult and often impossible to tell what will go viral, but just have in mind to make your content interesting, and sometimes even humorous!

Posting company news on PR newswires and blogs can often lead to increased traffic to your site, and these are often free.  However, you need to have newsworthy stories to promote.

Run competitions on social media and other channels – there are people out there called ‘compers’ who simply enter competitions all day long in the hope of winning.  Make it a condition that they like and share your company page, and this will spread across the internet.

Get creative with visuals – don’t settle for static images and pictures – get some video and animation done professionally to big-up your company profile, products, and services online.  Remember, people like watching rather than reading!

These are just a few examples of the type of activity that you could carry out to promote your website online.  You may have noticed that they all have something in common.  That’s right – content.  Interesting, informative, engagement and humorous content.  The more of this you produce and post online, the more engaged people will become with your site and your brand, and the more successful your digital strategy is likely to be.