Tracking the results of search engine optimisation

03, Apr 2017

Trying to calculate how effective your search engine optimisation campaign and what it is bringing in for your business can be a bit of a headache for business owners.  After all, you’re spending money each month – is it justified?

Aside from a general increase in revenues, profits, enquiries, sales leads and phone calls, there’s no doubt that it’s difficult to monitor the success of your various strands of digital marketing, of which search engine optimisation (SEO) might be one.  You might also be doing some paid for advertising in the form of pay per click advertising or on third party referral sites – again, how is this monitored.  After all, some years ago, your sales team used to ask people who enquired where they found you – Yellow Pages, online, newspaper advert or word of mouth.  However, the world has changed, advertising has changed and, therefore, has become more complex than this.

There are tools available online to track your search engine optimisation progress and business owners should do this on a regular basis, based on the keywords that you are trying to optimise on.  Digital marketing agency Birmingham Multichannel Creative provide a monthly report to their SEO clients to show what we have been doing on your behalf over the month, where you are for the various searches, and suggesting next steps to improve your visibility.  Website and business owners find this to be an invaluable reporting tool for them, providing a snapshot of their digital marketing activities.

So, if you need SEO Birmingham or any other strand of digital marketing (or a combination of all of them!), contact the team at MultiChannel Creative who will work with you to analyse your current digital strategy and work with you to develop and move forward, in line with your business goal and objectives.

The importance of Google Places

10:04 am 3rd April, 2017, Monday

The world is an ever-developing place, especially the world of technology. No longer do we have just search engines, we have smart search engines that show you the most relevant searches to, yes, what you are looking for but also, based geographically.Google, for example, will check your location via your IP address and provide you with a list of geographic based results.  In other words, if you search for “Post offices” and you are in Birmingham, then it w
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