The importance of video and animation

03, Apr 2017

There’s no doubt about it – the internet is a visual medium.  People’s attention is captured using images and – even more so – using videos and animations.  Look on Facebook and other social media channels and you’ll see that there is an explosion of companies using animation and video to promote themselves.  You’ve heard the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” – well, it is certainly true of the internet.  Given a choice between watching a video and reading 300 words of plain text online, I know which one I’d rather do.

The importance of video and animation moving forwards and the benefits of online search was highlighted when Google purchased You Tube.  Yes, you Tube is a global brand and the footfall brings with it a plethora of advertising opportunities and revenues for Google, but it just goes to demonstrate the importance and value that search giants Google place on video.

Every company, large or small, should have a corporate video – this should be visible on their website, on their social media channels and every other possible channel.  Likewise, companies selling products should have little product videos selling the features and benefits of these products – these don’t have to be long feature-length blockbusters…..just short, to-the-point videos.  Again, these can be placed on the website and on social media channels to be shared and linked to across the web.

If your company needs a video or animation, then full service digital marketing agency MultiChannel Creative is able to provide exactly that.  We will work with you to storyboard the message you want to deliver and then our in-house will be able to do their magic.  And then, as part of your digital marketing strategy, we will position this where it needs to be to ensure that you receive maximum exposure and return on investment.  By working with the latest software and techniques, together we’ll be able to drive your business forward.


What are keywords and are they important?

10:04 am 3rd April, 2017, Monday

Keywords are exactly what they say they are – key words.  These are words that are relevant to your business, products or services, and indeed anything you want to promote online.For example, a car dealership will probably have keywords such as “Buy used cars”, “Car dealers” and many more associated with the industry.Think of a keyword as a word or phrase that someone would type into a search engine, and where you would like your business
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