The importance of using website analytics

03, Apr 2017

So, you’ve had your website designed, created and developed and it’s now live.  Important! – don’t now fall into the trap of thinking that’s it!

If you want your website to be found online, then you need to work with an SEO agency such as MultiChannel Creative to ensure that users can find your website and interact with your company.

Just as important to this process, however, is using analytics on your website.  There is free software out there such as Google Analytics, but even with this, it needs to be integrated into your website in the right way and there’s little point in having Google Analytics if you’re not going to....well....analyse things.  Again, a digital marketing agency such as MultiChannel Creative can help you with this.

Think what a powerful tool it would be to know which are the most and least popular pages on your website, where people enter your site and where they leave it, how long they spend on the various pages of your website, and where your visitors came from in the first place.  Analytics provides exactly this – offering you an insight into your website traffic sources and volumes, and the user journey through your website from start to finish.

But whilst you might start to understand this through using analytics, it is then vital that you use this information in the right way.  If people are spending a long time on a particular page on your website, why this one specifically?  If you work this out, then why not apply the same principles on other pages on your site.  Likewise, if the bounce rate on a certain page is high, why is it high?  You need to take remedial action to try to bring the bounce rate down.

So, is it important to use website analytics?  ABSOLUTELY!  It provides you with a wealth of information which you can very much use to your advantage as your progress with your digital marketing strategy.  And never marketing agency MultiChannel Creative is on hand to help you every step of the way, from designing and building your website, through to marketing it online and tracking performance through analytics.  This is part of the service that we offer as we work together with you in partnership to grow your company and brand’s online visibility.

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